Japan, a country of unceasing activity, counts a great number of fast foods.

Japanese Mac Donald s

Among them, Maku Donarudo, well established in Japan, is of course influence by local culture: the Japanese menu includes, among other items, a teriyaki burger (teriyaki is a sweet sauce that perfectly suits beef), or in some season the tsukimi burger (tsukimi 月見 means “watch the moon”, probably coming from the egg evoking the moon). The audience of Makku mostly consists of young people (on the picture, some junior high-school girls wearing their school uniform).

But Japan also counts lots of traditional restaurants, offering a rapid an unexpensive service (one could say “local fast foods”).

Japanese fast foodMany restaurants like this one are equipped with ticket vending machines: you buy a ticket corresponding to what you want to eat, and drop it on the counter. Service is very fast and cheap. But these places are very tight, and customers are often eating on a small counter facing a wall, or even standing!

Most restaurants (not only fast foods, by the way) display plastic reproductions of the food they serve. This is very appreciated when you can’t read the menu!