Oyako-don (親子丼) is a delicious japanese dish.

I think the name oyako-don is quite funny, because it literally means “parent (oya) - child (ko) on rice (don)”.


Looking at this picture, you probably understood what it’s about: fish (the “parent”) and fish eggs (called ikura イクラ, the “child”), on top of a bowl of rice (don 丼 or donburi, this is how we call rice covered with other food: meat, fish etc. Note that Japanese people generally eat rice separately).

Looks delicious, isn’t it? But I now have to tell you that oyako-don can also look very different (and this other version of the oyako-don is maybe even more widespread)….

Well, don’t you guess? Think about it, … parent … child …
Of course! It’s this famous “chicken and egg story”!
And in this case, not to have to figure out which one came first, we mix them up, with some onions and soy sauce… Terrific!