Mount Fuji (Fuji San, 富士山) is without doubt one of the symbols of Japan. 3776 meter high, this extinct volcano located at the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures dominates all other mountains of Japan. In shinto tradition, it is even considered as a god.

Interestingly, it is possible to climb Mount Fuji. While in the past, this expedition would only be carried out by monks as a pilgrimage, today everyone is invited to undertake the challenge.

The hiker can choose among several routes to reach the summit, but all comprise 10 steps, from the lowest level: “station 1” (ichi-goh-me, 一合目), to the top (choh-joh, 頂上). However, most hikers start climbing from “station 5” (go-goh-me, 五合目), at about 2400 meter altitude, because it is the highest level that can be reached by car.

Several courses are possible, but the most popular, especially among young people, is to climb by night: starting at about 8pm, one reaches the summit the next morning, in time to admire the sunrise above the clouds…

Dreaming? Well, if you are interested, I really recommend you to try it. But beware: Mount Fuji is only open to the public in July and August, because the summer is short in the mountains!