Tsukiji (築地) is the fish market in Tokyo. It is recommended to get there quite early (those who are fit enough can go out, for example in Roppongi the night before, and go directly to Tsukiji at dawn: no need to go and sleep at all!).Fishers carts in Tsukiji, Tokyo

The intense activity that animates Tsukuji from early in the morning is very impressive: people go back and forth, riding small vehicles with a noisy engine, which allow them to carry several hundred kilograms of fish. Inside, salespeople shout allheartedly to attract customers.

A fisherman with whom we were talking challenged us with the following riddle: “What is the biggest fishing harbor in Japan?” Answer: Narita! Indeed, purchases made in Tsukiji every morning go far behind japanese borders. (Note: fish carried by the man on the picture are frozen tuna).

Tuna fish

Eventually, after having seen the market (and made your shopping), I advice you to go and have breakfast in one of the many surrounding sushi restaurants: you’ll find there raw fish of the best quality.