It’s funny, in Japan, so many things are speaking:

Cash machines, that guide you step by step: “Please enter your card… Please type in your code…“

Escalators in department stores, that continuously repeat: “Thank you for shopping with us… Please hold on to the belt…“

Announcements in the stations: “Please stay behind the white/yellow line … In a moment, the train bound to … “. And of course, in the trains, a voice announces the next stop, the correspondances, and the side on which doors will open.

Trucks, buses are all equipped with a speaking indicator, repeating: “I am turning left. I am turning left. …“ or “I am moving backward. I am moving backwards. …“

Ambulances and fire brigade trucks that, beside of the classical siren, speak out and warn the cars around: “Warning, the ambulance is crossing the road…“

Not to mention: vendors shouting to announce the last discounts to whom will listen, and travelling merchants selling soup, vegetables or yaki-imo of any kind, who sing their song while wandering around.

In Japan, voices (most of the time, automatic) are to be heard everywhere, but their main purpose is maybe not so much to inform than to reassure people.