Okonomi-yaki (お好み焼き) means: “what you like, baked”. The okonomi-yaki is a kind of thick pancake, made of a mix of eggs, flour, cabbage, and other vegetables, meat or seafood (in short: what you like), baked on a hot plate.

Okonomiyaki: Let's start!Okonomiyaki: Ready!

A particularity of okonomi-yaki is that it is not served to you, but that you need to cook it by yourself. Every table in the restaurant is equipped with a hot plate in its center. The waiter brings you all the ingredients and you do the rest. In fact, it’s not very difficult: you simply mix up the ingredients, and pour the mix on the hot plate; then, watch the cooking, flip the pancake and… it’s ready!

The okonomi-yaki pancake is usually served with a brown thick sauce, mayonnaise and ao-nori (a kind of seaweed that looks like parsley). Enjoy!